Things That You Have To Know If You Think About Raising Pigs

Raising animals is not something that is for everyone. Some would love it and some would hate it. We know that the media tends to make this job look attractive. But just like any other job it also comes with its own difficulties and challenges. Thus, that is why we always advise you to do your research before jumping into anything. We know that piglets tend to look adorable at this stage. But you should not be fooled by a cute face. Instead, the only way you would succeed is by expanding your horizons and by learning everything there is to know.

Pigs Have An Odor

The european pig welfare may not tell you this. But pigs have a very distinctive smell. This is not a good smell. If we are going, to be honest, we would tell you that they stink. Thus, that is why you need to house these animals as far away from your house as possible. That is because you would not be able to survive otherwise. However, remember that this does not mean moving them near your neighbour’s wall. That is because there are laws regarding the space that should be kept between the pig pens and your neighbour’s walls. If you want to avoid a neighbourhood feud this is one rule that you have to follow.

However, there are steps that you can take to prevent this odour from spreading. As you may know, pigs love nothing more than to root in the mud. If you have ever visited a pig pen you may have seen the pigs covered in mud. But it is not only mud that there are covered in. They also tend to get covered in their own excrement. Thus, that is what leads to the unbearable odour. One way to prevent this is by covering the area with fresh straw. When you do this the pigs would be unable to root around in the mud.

They Eat a Lot

If you have visited a Butcher you would have seen the sizes of pigs they have up there. Well, pigs tend to get this big because they eat a lot. Therefore before you bring them home you need to have a food supply arranged. In this day and age, we know it is a popular concept to give them free range. But if not, you need to opt for store brought food. However, be prepared for purchase these items in bulk.

Raising pigs is a business for many of us. Thus, that is why you need to be fully prepared to undertake this challenge. If not you would be losing your hard earned money.


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